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Electrical Panel Upgrades
& Replacements

Every home or building has an electrical panel, often known as the “heart” of the electrical system. This crucial component distributes electricity from the grid into different circuits within your property, powering everything from light bulbs to large appliances. Upgrading from a standard 100 amps to a more robust 200-amp panel can significantly enhance your home electrical system’s efficiency. But, like all things, electrical panels have a lifespan. If yours is outdated or struggling to handle the demands of modern electronics, it might be time for an upgrade or replacement. Table Mountain Electric is here to guide and assist you in securing your home or business’s energy future.

electrical panel upgrades

panel upgrades

Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?


Safety: Older panels can be a fire hazard or lead to electrical malfunctions.
Stay safe with a modern upgrade.


Efficiency: Increase the efficiency of your home’s electrical system,
reducing potential waste. Upgrading to a 200-amp panel or even a 400-amp panel for larger properties ensures compliance with building codes and supports a more robust electrical infrastructure.


Future-Ready: Prepare your home for the demands of modern appliances,
home automation, and electric vehicles.

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Benefits of Choosing Table
Mountain Electric


Expert Technicians: Our team is licensed, experienced, and committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Licensed electricians will handle your panel installation and replacement, adhering to the latest electrical codes.


Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees. We believe in honest work at honest prices. We’ll even price match to get you the best price out there. The average cost of panel upgrades is competitive, and we offer solutions to help you save money in the long run.


Quality Workmanship: We pride ourselves in offering best-in-class service with high-quality materials.

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How long does an upgrade take?

Typically, a panel upgrade can be completed in a day. However, it might vary based on specific requirements.

Is a permit required?

Yes, most municipalities require a permit for electrical work. We handle all necessary permits and inspections. Do not troubleshoot an electrical problem on your own, especially around electrical panels. You should call an electrician whenever you have an electrical problem, both for your personal safety and so that your home’s electrical system remains up to code.

What is the cost?

To give you a ballpark idea, upgrades from a 100-amp to a 200-amp panel are quite common, especially for homes that are a few decades old. This type of upgrade generally falls in the range of $4,200 to $5,000. However, if you’re considering more significant upgrades, such as transitioning from a 200-amp to a 320-amp system, the cost could be upwards of $18,000, especially if extensive rewiring is required.

In addition to changing the pricing, the largest electrical panel you can have on a residential home is a 320amp panel. 400amp and higher are for commercial use only.

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