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Nestled in the heart of the Mile-High City, Table Mountain Electric specializes in providing top-notch electrical services to the Denver Metro area and beyond. One of these services we are proud to offer is Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station installation in Denver. Our team of skilled electricians is dedicated to providing Denver’s homes with efficient and reliable electric vehicle charging solutions.

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Choosing the Right EV Charger Type

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers come in several types, each with different specifications and charging speeds. For residential or commercial use, the most common types are:

Level 1 Chargers

These chargers can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet, making them the most accessible type of EV charger. However, they charge slowly, generally providing about 4 to 5 miles of range per hour of charging, which makes them suitable for overnight charging or for minimally used EVs.

Level 2 Chargers

These require a 240-volt supply (similar to what large appliances like dryers use) and are much faster than Level 1 chargers. They typically provide about 20 to 30 miles of range per hour of charging, making them ideal for daily use. Table Mountain Electric specializes in the installation of Level 2 chargers, which are perfect for homeowners or businesses looking to reduce charging time and enhance convenience.

DC Fast Chargers

These are primarily used in commercial and industrial settings due to their high power requirements and rapid charging capabilities. They can charge an EV’s battery to 80% in just 20 minutes.
At Table Mountain Electric, we help you choose which charger type is right for your home or business to ensure you’re equipped with the right solution that balances cost, speed, and practicality.

Benefits of a Home EV Charger Installation in Denver

When it comes to installing an EV charger, there are numerous benefits that extend beyond simple convenience. These include:

  • Increased Property Value: Homes and commercial properties with installed EV chargers are often more attractive to prospective buyers and tenants, reflecting modern amenities that align with growing environmental consciousness.
  • Reduced Charging Time: With the installation of Level 2 chargers especially, EV owners can significantly reduce charging time compared to relying on public charging stations or Level 1 chargers.
  • Convenience: Having an EV charger at home or your business location means you can charge your vehicle at your convenience without planning trips around public charging availability.
  • Cost Savings: Charging your EV at home with a personal charger is often less expensive over time compared to using public charging stations, especially if charging can be done during off-peak electricity hours.
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Environmental Impact

Electric car charger installation in Denver aligns with a growing consumer trend toward sustainability. By facilitating more frequent and convenient use of electric vehicles, EV chargers contribute to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

When paired with a household or business that uses renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, EV chargers can operate on clean energy, further reducing environmental impact and supporting global sustainability efforts.

How Long Does It Take To Install an EV Charger?

Typically, the process begins with a site visit to assess your electrical system and discuss your specific needs, usually completed within a week of initial contact. The actual installation of some EV chargers can be completed in as little as one day, depending on the complexity of the electrical system and the readiness of the site.
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  • Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction: Many factors go into pricing EV chargers, including brand, length of charging cable needed, and whether installation is needed. We provide a free quote to all potential customers so you know what you are paying for ahead of time.

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